More International Observers and Journalists Arrive In Kenya Ahead Of The 2017 Elections

Everyone’s eyes will be on the nation of Kenya next week as the 2017 elections set for August 8th are ready for the contest, with Kenyans anticipated that they would go to the elections on Tuesday.
With the immeasurably critical exercise, observers from everywhere throughout the world and also global columnists are in the nation, with all anxious to provide details regarding occasions amid and after the elections.
IEBC has so far recorded more than 5,000 eyewitnesses and uncovered on Thursday that it was authorizing some more.
With just the clock ticking , the commission has additionally accredited more than 560 journalists, and was working out to give the nod to a large number of clerks for the duty.

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The number is a significant increment from the 1,834 onlookers that were available amid the last General elections.
The nonnatives incorporate global journalists covering the elections for major worldwide media house coverage platforms, and in addition lawyers and constituent specialists who have worked in election checking through global observation missions.
Speaking on Thursday, IEBC spokesman Mr Andrew Limo said the number is set to ascend before the nation goes to the elections on 8th August 2017.

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