More recruits join Al-Shabaab Terror Group, says KDF

More recruits join Al-Shabaab, says KDF
Chief of Kenya Defence Forces Samson
Mwathethe has warned of an increase in the
number of Kenyan students joining Al-Shabaab
in Somalia.
“This means that all of us, especially parents,
must take an active role and work with school
administrators to ensure that our children are
not radicalised and recruited into the group,”
Gen Mwathethe said.
He said youth were easy prey because Al-
Shabaab was using popular social media sites to
lure them.

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“As we fight terror, let us not forget that the
evolution of social media as a result of
technological advancements has posed new
challenges,” the general added.
“Our children are exposed to messages loaded
with extremist ideologies meant to radicalise
their minds.”
Gen Mwathethe spoke during celebrations to
mark the KDF Day at Kahawa Garrison in
Nairobi on Wednesday.

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