More Than 36 Kenyans Perish On 31st December Road Accident – PHOTOS

Kenya road accidents December 2017
According to latest reports, at least 36 people have perished today following an grisly road accident that happened at Migaa along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway, near salgaa black pot.
In the same incidence, both the drivers of the bus that collided with the trailer perished on the spot.
Amid the road accident clash, thirty people perished on the spot while others who tallied to 36 in total number passed away while in hospital.
Among the four who passed away while undergoing treatment in the hands of the Nurses and Doctors were three little children aged two months, two years and 10 years and one adult who was aged 35.

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According to Rift Valley Traffic Enforcement Officer Zero Aroma, the driver of the bus that was heading to Nairobi from Busia was driving on the wrong Lane. Hence, that was the reason as to why it collided with the truck/ trailer.
Numerous casualties of the faulty incident were quickly rushed to Molo Sub-County Hospital as well as the Nakuru Level Five Hospital.
Among those who were hospitalized with critical complications, we’re transferred to Nakuru level 5 hospital for the best medication.
More news to follow…..
Road Accidents in Kenya December 2017 photos
Road Accidents in December 2017 Kenya photos

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