Mother Posts Child in OLX Following Poor Academic Performance

A lady from Thika has stunned occupants and the world after she posted her tyke in OLX after he fizzled in K.C.P.E exams.
The lady who is the stride mother to the tyke did the questionable occurrence yet immediately erased the post after hullabaloo from people in general. The kid who as per sources scored 158 marks however carried on with a strained life under the relative.image

“A few kids are disrespect to the general public, there work is to eat also, rest. I need youngsters who perform, this will serve as an case as I am willing to offer him on OLX. By what means can a youngster score 158marks having put in 8 years on essential perusing??” The relative shouted while conversing with one of territory inhabitants
The mother cited the kid for nothing and needs anyone to take him for nothing out of pocket as he is surplus to her life and his work is to eat her nourishment and doesn’t perform in school. Shockingly other than a few individuals who called to grumble, a great deal of customers were willing to take bargain in most limited time conceivable. By 1hours of posting, she had officially gotten more than 10 unique calls of enquiry.
As per occupants the lady has been always harassing the youngster who concentrates close-by elementary school and notwithstanding endeavors to educate the father of the events, nothing has emerged as the father is excessively occupied with, making it impossible to take care of family matters.
“We have attempted to advise the father to comprehend the issue however nothing has happened in this way, it appears he is so occupied with her profession and doesn’t have time for his crew” one of the inhabitants articulated in despondency Police after propelled examination over the issue and will give a full articulation on the matter at the appointed time.
Kid tormenting has been on the ascent and open have been asked to report any instances of tyke misuse.

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