MP Busted Publicly For Having Not Married

Emurua Dikirr MP Johanna Ng'eno

In most of the African culture and traditions, it is always vital and fundamental for a man to at least have a wife and children.
The Member of Parliament of Emurua Dikirr, Mr. Johanna Ng’eno is currently prepared to stop the single guys’ club, giving his mom her long standing wish.
The public has finally learnt that Mr Ng’eno’s engagement proposition to a city- based attorney, whom he lean towards not to name right now, has been acknowledged.

At the point when pushed to uncover her personality, the lawmaker graciously declined, just implying that she was from a “notable family in Narok County.”
“It is true that I am engaged to a girl whom I am set to marry soon,” he mentioned.

Narok Governor Samuel ole Tunai, one of his faultfinders, told the legislator to his face in February to “first discover a spouse before reprimanding the national and region governments.”

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His status was additionally a wellspring of worry to Ms Mary Temas, his mom, who is in her 80s. This was apparent when the Nation as of late went by their family’s home in Mogondo, Emurua Dikirr, Narok County.

“I want my son to marry so that he can give me the pleasure of grandchildren,” she stated.
“My son, please marry, I want grandchildren. Or do you want to give me grandchildren when I am too old and can see no more?” she said, adding that it was her wish for the home to be filled with “happy, noisy and active grandchildren.”

In a phone meeting with the Country, Mr Ng’eno said he was playful about the issue and was anticipating spending whatever remains of his existence with the affection for his life.

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