MP Johanna Ngeno Tells State To Arrest Him If They Want

MP Elect Mr. Johanna Ng’eno might not be a happy man. Emurua Dikirr MP Johanna Ngeno has rejected a later summon by police in Kilgoris. He said police ought to quit being used to attempt and quiet him.
Talking when he joined residents of Siongiroi in a dissent protesting match, the MP said he was not afraid of any attempts geared towards him being arrested yet would not be silenced at any point whenever he does censure the Government.

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“I have been arrested and held even in Tanzania for fighting for the rights of my people and these summons will not stop me from playing my role as a leader. I will not give in to threats even if they use GSU to come for me, my position will not change. What happened to Ruto at Silibwet is an indicator and they should know voters are not foolish, “, the Member of Parliament said.

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"MP Johanna Ngeno Tells State To Arrest Him If They Want" by @wakenyanews

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