That in that spot just so happens to be his signature line MSETOEA, or MSETO EA. Also, with an appealing expression such as that, you wager Willy M. Tuva can make your soul go away each and every day.

Tuva is the voice behind Radio Citizen’s capable evening appear, “Mambo Mseto.”
He has been on radio subsequent to 2005, and began as a maker for Simba FM, and additionally a maker for the appear “Afya Bora” on KBC. In any case, sending to 2010, Tuva and his channel “Mambo Mseto” have turned into an unquestionable requirement listen for some Kenyans out there.

“This is the main show in Kenya that speaks to and supports the nearby ability. We play Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania music. We converse with
specialists and meeting them. Aside from that, we additionally concentrate on the youth. We attempt however much as could reasonably be expected to advise and teach them in their professions,” Tuva says.

At the point when one discusses great radio, it ought to be about energy, data and excitement. What’s more, it appears like nobody is as lively, instructive and diverting as the man behind the mic.
“I adore the way that I can relate well with my fans. I interface well with them. The way that I get the opportunity to meet with individuals who I used to believe are high famous people, at this moment we are companions. What’s more, for the time that I’ve been here for this industry, for this appear, I’ve made numerous companions in
the business.”


The father of two might be a famous radio moderator, yet toward the end of the day, he’s simply your normal family fellow.
Mi ni mtu ambaye anapenda burudani, anapenda ku-relax na family yangu, pia na marafiki zangu. Mi ni mtu wa Arsenali mambo kali.”

Whatever he’s doing, it is by all accounts working. Tuva has associated with audience members’ hearts through his music and talk. What’s more, how does one get the opportunity to concoct a phenomenal show like that? Indeed, he clarifies:
“In the event that you need to have an effective appear, you’ll must be imaginative. That is the main thing. Ensure that your distinctive, don’t attempt to sound like another person. Furthermore, something else is that, you need to attempt to associate with the general population, to your fans. You need to realize what they need, and give them precisely what they need.”
Mambo Mseto is not just about giving East Africans the buzz about the stimulation scene through meetings and news, additionally joins extraordinary East African blends.

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