MUTAHI NGUNYI Drops A Punchline On A Judge Interested In Chief Justice Job

Mutahi Ngunyi and Makau Mutua

Political analyst Mr.Mutahi Ngunyi is here, and it is so much clear for those who thought that he submerged on the political vocal point of view. Let me call him another prophet in terms of Kenyan politics gambling interests.

Famous educator of law Makau Mutua’s interest for the Vacant post of Chief Justice deployment has been subjected to substantial feedback by political examiner Mutahi Ngunyi.

In a progression of Tweets on Friday, Popular Public figure and political analysts Mr Mutahi Ngunyi addressed Prof Mutua’s certifications to wind up Kenya’s next Chief Justice post taking after the retirement of Dr Willy Mutunga a month ago.

“It is not so subtle assault on the New York-based legal advisor’s qualities”, Mr Ngunyi said Prof Mutua as a CJ would be “deplorable political joke.”

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The opportunities in the workplace of the Chief Justice and as well the deputy in the Chief Justice Chair were announced empty by Legal Justice Commission last month taking after the retirement of Dr Mutunga, Justice Kalpana Rawal also, Justice Philip Tunoi.

Prof Mutua is among eight applicants, including previous national Gathering speaker, Kenneth Marende, who have connected for the top employment in the Legal.

Alternate candidates alisted or going for are Supreme Court Judge Dr Smokin Wanjala, Court of Appeala Judges David Maranga and Alnashir Vishram and High Court judges Msagah Mbogholi and Judge Richard Mwongo.

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