Mwafrika attacks Media Presenters with fake Accent and don’t Support Local Artists

Mwafrika attacks Media Presenters with fake Accent and don’t Support Local Artists.
In a missive that has been a long time coming, Mwafrika
addresses issues concerning today’s radio industry. From the
talent exposer it once was to the American ans Nigerian
trend replicator it has become.
Kenyan radio no longer grows talent, it only deepens the
roots of the already established artists which us basically a
slow death for the industry.
Mwafrika uses quite colorful language to paint the picture
showing how much if crowd pleasers we have become.
Here is his lengthy social media post:-

Having worked on radio I can confidently tell
you that the argument that the quality of Kenya
music is not good enough, that’s why it’s not
played on radio is BULLSHIT!!
I am wildly known for my HipHop show Da Joint
in which I not only played Kenyan HipHop songs
played by no one else, I also played underground
artists from America.
I also had the pleasure of interviewing KRS One
who was telling me New York artists don’t get
enough AirPlay in New York. Who can say that
KRS One doesn’t produce good quality?
MURS is known to wear T Shirts written “Play
Local Music”. Coz in California nowadays the
west coast artists don’t get as much support as
they should.
So this quality argument is bullshit. Which CD in
Kenya has had the quality of the new Vigeti
album? Is Vigeti on heavy rotation on any
Just A Band appeared on Sway In The Morning
on Shade 45. This is not only an American radio
station, it is a satellite radio station. That
means it transmits a lossless signal. Simply put
crystal clear. So is Just A Band on heavy
As a presenter I played Just A Band Blinky Bill
played Juliani Julius before he was a superstar
and the list goes on. Why? Coz apart from being
a presenter I am a music fan and I know good
A good radio presenter introduces his listeners
to new music. My list of the`new music I
introduced to Kenyans is endless. Top 40 in
America should not mean Top 40 in the third
world that is Kenya. Radio presenters love your
job. Discover new artists.
Muthoni Bwika single handedly put Kenya music
on radio. Eve De Souza was the first to put DNA,
Juliani, Mwafreeka, Chiwawa etc on radio
through her freestyles show.
What new artists have come through the new
presenters? Don’t pull that quality shit out of
your ass.
Be a part of history or don’t.
Bob Marley is the greatest superstar to come
from a third world country with a catalogue
worth $200M even after bootlegging. Bob Marley
& the waiters had to use a threat of violence to
get their music on air. Why? Coz in the 70s
some non music fan who was a presenter didn’t
think Bob was good enough.
Supporting Nigerian music, does nothing for any
Kenyan presenter. Suck that Nigerian dick and
then make an ass of yourself by
If not recognize unlike Bwika & Eve who had
little to choose from, the Kenya music industry
is huge now. Da Joint today would play 70%
Kenyan HipHop comfortably.
Anyway you fake presenter fuck you!! The only
talent you have is an accent in a country where
low self esteem dictates that a Kenyan with an
American or British accent is a better speaker
than a day to day Kenyan.

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