MZUKA: Mseto Campus Tour to Egerton University: Calvo Mistari, Avril and Dufla on Stage

Mzazi Willy M. Tuva

Egerton University ,Njoro grounds .Get prepared to dance,get prepared for the best of East African music on your home turf,get prepared to rub shoulders with the best of East African music from one of the best radio and Tv moderators in Africa and great music play from East African best Dj on nineteenth of this current month.

This is additionally a chance for the understudies with capacity and ability in Singing,rapping and move to show up what they got. Dufla Diligon presently marked at Grandpa records has been on the lips of numerous with his beast hit “Beat” and its remix including Uganda’s best female Artist Cindy,Dufla was picked from a Mseto grounds visit .Mzazi saw the ability in him and took him straight to the studio and like they say ,the rest is history. Egerton college is honored with abundance of ability that if abused won’t just go far to rouse however to make a living for some.

Going with Mzazi for the grounds voyage through Egerton is Dufla diligon of the Tempo fame, Dufla who is one of the quickest rising move corridor begins in Kenya is relied upon to do no not exactly the best in front of an audience and show exactly why he figured out how to get Uganda’s top move corridor ruler Cindy on the circle for the beat remix.

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"MZUKA: Mseto Campus Tour to Egerton University: Calvo Mistari, Avril and Dufla on Stage" by @wakenyanews

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