Nameless Annoys Me Quite Often, Wahu Confesses

Nameless Annoys Me Quite Often, Wahu Confesses
Wahu Kagwi and David Mathenge aka Nameless are one of the most celebrated celebrity couples in Kenya today, thanks to the manner in which they have managed to keep their decade long relationship intact and still going.

Both are musicians who have managed effectively to juggle between their sweet family matters and music, something that even celebrated global celebrities have failed to do.

However, this doesn’t mean that everything is always smooth as we see it in public. Family has issues and so is Wahu’s with Nameless.

In an interview with Pulse, Wahu has revealed that Nameless annoys her quite often with small details though and which she has learnt to live by.
Some of them include not switching off lights downstairs, leaving shoes downstairs and leaving knives in Blueband containers.

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P: When was the last time he annoyed you?

Wahu: It happens quite often but it’s small irritating stuff like not switching off the lights downstairs when we go to sleep, leaving shoes downstairs, leaving the knife inside the Blueband and such, but I’ve learnt to choose my battles. But it’s never that serious.

Wahu has also revealed that men hit on her always, promising her good things despite the fact that she is married to Nameless. She says:

P: Do you ever get tempted?

Wahu: No, I don’t. Of course I get hit on by men who tell me what they can do for me and sometimes you find yourself comparing asking when was the last time he said this to me. But my mind is set on my man, period!

Credits: Pulse

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