Nazizi Hirji Biography, Wikipedia And Music

Nazizi Biography, Wikipedia, History, Music Journey

Nazizi Hirji is famously known pioneers of the Kenyan and East African Music Industry. She is among the best hip-hop /reggae female artists Kenya has ever had and as up to date, as her history still remains and stands with respect in recognition of her achievements.

Hit singles incorporate Kenyan girl Kenyan boy, Bless my room, come Lets get down, Fire song of devotion, Kube, Perpetually, Pressure, hop n yell amongst others. Nazizi has likewise facilitated the H2O television music show with dj john on KTN. Nevertheless, she hosted the Natural Mystic a reggae show on Nation FM and Easy FM, what an achievement in the Entertainment industry.

In 2005 she represented to Kenya in the Africa Unite visit in Ethiopia with the Marley’s and is highlighted on the DVD which was discharged Feb. 2008. She is additionally highlighted on the DVD Hip Hop Settlement which based majority on the introduction of hip hop bounce music in Kenya.

Nazizi has additionally roused a short film RASTAR that depends on a genuine anecdote about her and which has been purchased and broadcast by MNET.
Nazizi is among the 5 pioneers of music in Kenya and is additionally known by her fans as the primary woman in 2001as  she turned out to be a piece of the group meetings.

Necessary Noize, with WYRE and BAMZI and in 2003 the crew discharged their self titled collection Necessary Noize, in 2005 they discharged their second collection Kenyangirl Kenyan boy and  E.A.B.C has presently discharged their first album collection named Fire.

She discharged her first solo collection African youth in May 2008 and made an achievement to the global markets, almost sold like a platinum album.

A Kenyan Movie called ‘Ras Star’, supported by M-NET, was somewhat sort of in view of Essential Noize’s Nazizi’s life. ‘Ras Star’ was the fourth M-NET New projects to be done in Kenya. Nazizi too recorded a number of songs and sound tracks for the film.

Now you know everything about the female artist Nazizi Hirji road/journey to fame and music industry life….
SOURCE:BBC AFRICA Portal of Kenyan News


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