NMG (Nation Media Group) Shuts Down TV And Radio Stations, Employments. NEW JOBS TO APPLY TOO.

NMG Shuts down television and radio stations, wakenya.co.ke
Kenya’s Popular media house Nation Media Group has made a new turn that us probably seen to be on the escapade of causing unrest to some of its employees.

The media house, Nation Media Group (NMG) has downsized its television administrations in a move that will see a major number of employment cuts hence the employees being affected due to lack of job placements. NMG close down three of its media outlets in particular QTV, Country FM furthermore, the Rwanda-based K FM.

“We will also scale down our radio business (QFM and Nation FM) in Kenya and K FM in Rwanda. We will keep our signal alive and maintain an online presence in line with our new digital strategy,” it added.
The rationalisation took effect yesterday. The company promised to provide the affected staff with support to help them with the transition.
“Regrettably, this will lead to redundancy of workforce,” the statement read. Hundreds of staff will loose jobs directly beginning today.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) has written to Nation Media Group accusing it of not following the law in declaring workers redundant as provided for under Section 40 of the Kenyan Law of Media under the Employment Act.

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KUJ’s lawyer Henry Oduor said NMG neglected and ignored the
employees’ rights as it issued “an illegal notice of less than a day”.
“It is important to note that it is not the Employees who have
become redundant but your institution,” he said. The group or union of kenyan Journalists has threatened to move to court if Nation Media Group does not rescind its decision to declare their former employees jobless.

The gathering safeguarded its choice, saying it was a vital move to secure its business position in the business sector. The organization has operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

“We are cognisant of the changing patterns of how our items are being expended. In accordance with this new reality, we are revamping ourselves with the point of changing NMG into a 21st century organization by holding onto computerized as the plan of action,” an announcement conveyed peruses partially.

The announcement proceeded to clarify that the defense will involve uniting the two TV channels (NTV and QTV) into one in number multilingual station.

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