NOMA SANA: Kanze Dena’s Mpango Wa Kando Exposed To The Public

Citizen TV news Anchor Kanze Dena

About 85% of all the population in Kenya knows her, Lemmi start from there. It is said that true love knows no limits. A maxim that was legitimized by a banana vendor from Kisii who couldn’t contain his foaming feelings for observed Citizen television grapple Kanze Dena. The defenseless and frantically in love fellow needed to pen down an affection letter for the excellence.

Beloved Kanze, while still in bed, my thoughts go out to you, my immortal, and my beloved. Every night I dream of you, I wake up the following morning with great bliss, freedom of mind, and joy in my heart. My mind is always engrossed in meditations, thinking painstakingly about my imaginary exquisite darling Kanze. What a confused bloke drowning in love.
My long lost sweetheart, from the look of your shapely face, your seductive eyes tells me a secret story. The story of how happiness is not within you.
Mum, your glistening eyes tell a story that makes me equally guilty by sponsoring your loneliness with my absence. Your invitingly kissable lips render me helpless.
Sweetie, aside from your curvaceous self, your lustrous ink-like hair polishes my living room every weekend. Your velvety skin not only manufactures hope in my life, it also maintains it hence giving me enough reason to wake up to another day. My angel Kanze, I know you are hiding your wings somewhere.
Please unlock the chains from your heart and let yourself grow like the sweet flower you are. Yes!
Please spread your wings and set yourself free for me.

Baby your eloquence on TV makes me want more. I beg to know expressly the charm touching my love for you. Cutie, necessity compels me to find out the answer, having been more than a decade wounded by the darts of your love, but not yet sure if I’ll fail or find warmth within in your heart.
Kanze darling, my blind eyes are desperately waiting to sight you. My Gusii people say that “A watched pot never boils,” But, I am ready to wait for you. They also say that “Character is like pregnancy, you cannot hide it,” But, I have approved of yours. Babe, I have realized how fascinatingly elegant you have always been, and how peculiarly you have acquired an added and special and dangerously loveliness. I always fall in love every time I look into your beautiful eyes albeit, I keep asking myself how a factotum like me could end up falling for a princess like you.

Dearest, I am certain that we will meet someday; we’ll porridge together under the sweet melodies of the evening breeze. We’ll reach each other’s minds.
We’ll know what the other is thinking without asking.
I’ll be the luckiest man to share my life with the greatest woman East of Lake Chad, North of Limpopo and the South Sahara.

I’m on my knees Kanze; I need you like roses need the rain even with the thorns that make the rose in you. Like a cricket needs the morning dew. I just can’t live without you. My body and soul are forever yours. Every time I hear your name, I smile to the heavens. Oh our father who at in heaven, deliver oh thou princes.

Yours Sincerely,
Banana Vendor.

“NOMA SANA”, Watch Citizen TV Kanze Dena’s Viral Love Video Clip With A Banana Vendor From Kisii County in the link below. You won’t believe how Kanze Dena replied in mother-tongue, watch clip below….. Lol… Don’t forget to share with friends on Facebook or twitter. Enjoy

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"NOMA SANA: Kanze Dena’s Mpango Wa Kando Exposed To The Public" by @wakenyanews

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