Numerous Secured As The Event Turns Out To Be Life Costing, Thanks To The Government


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Firefighters called as unusual s**y amusement turns out badly and man is caught in cuffs

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The man went into the healing facility at 3am, with the binds on his wrist conceding that they were too tight Photograph: Kindness

A randy man was left red-confronted after stout fire fighters were called to free him – from unusual sex binds.

The man went into the William Harvey Healing facility’s A&E office in Kent at 3am, with the cuffs on his wrist conceding that they were too tight.

Wary staff checked with the Kent Police that he was not a got away convict before calling the flame unit to evacuate the metal sleeves.

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Ashford firefighters needed to utilize capable slicing gear to mitigate the man of the tight cuffs – generally used to free individuals after enormous auto collisions.


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