Other Best Ways To Reverse Money Sent To a Wrong Number

Safaricom is the leading communication company in Kenya and East Africa. Besides the communication network, Safaricom has other services like mpesa which is basically to do with money transfer between phone numbers, a service that is widely used in many Countries across the world.

Sending cash to a wrong number dependably happens to a large number of us particularly when we are in a rush. The greatest stress that goes to our psyches when this wreckage happens is the means by which to recuperate the cash back. Try not to stress over that in light of the fact that Safaricom has now made the way toward turning around your cash back considerably simpler. The following is a well ordered methodology of what you ought to do to reverse your cash sent to a wrong number via Mpesa.
1. On your phone, Sms the word ‘reverse’ to 234 or 100

2. SMS the wrong Transaction Message to 456

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"Other Best Ways To Reverse Money Sent To a Wrong Number" by @wakenyanews

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