They are the number one thing we look at on the other person.Eyes vary in size,shape,and colour. The most conspicuous quality of the trio is the colour.Not only do they help us see…but also help us determine
how strong a person is,and their personality even before we speak to them….Have a look at the impression your eyes have on the people you encounter in your endeavors.
-Red and bloody eyes.
Probably you’ve seen these on vampire movies.Imagine if you came across such eyes in real life. These eyes draw extremely bad tempered individuals.Isn’t that freaking? Ensure you drink plenty of water and
get enough sleep.

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-Brown eyes.
Depict individuals who love making friends.They tend to be polite, caring, independent, confidential. Brown eyes are damn attractive and pretty charismatic.
-Blue eyes.
Common with the Whites. They bring out a desirable youthful personality. Not only are they peaceful and smart but also posses a good power of observation.
-Green eyes.
I have come across them very few times. Intelligence is the first thing that brings itself boldly. Though they are hard to understand and tend to have a certain mystery, they are damn courageous.

-Grey eyes.
Bring out wisdom.People with such eyes are perceived to be gentle,with flexible attitude and great inner
strength. They are also thought to be very sensitive.
-Black eyes.
Most of us fall here.Hmm..those around you see you as a natural born leader. Sometimes, you are perceived as mysterious and secretive. You are better off at sports involving hitting the target.. Something to be proud of.

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