Pissed off woman lights up husband ’s Allion after catching him cheating on her

Woman Lights up Husband’s
Allion after catching him cheating on her
An infuriated woman is worse than a wounded lion.
The sheer thought of a husband cheating on his wife
drives them nuts and as they usually say, choices
have consequences. Woe unto you if caught out
hanging out with a clande by your wife.
A man in Ongata Rongai was left counting loses after
his weekend rendezvous with a ‘mpango wa kando,’
was cut short by a jealous wife. It turned out to be a
weekend of carousal for the lecherous man after the
wife torched his Toyota Allion, an incident police in
Ongata Rongai are investigating.
A message that has been circulating on social media
claims that the wife pulled the stunt after getting
wind of her husband’s lewd ways. The man had gone
to spend a night at his lover’s house in Rongai after
a night out at the popular 1824 whiskey bar in
Photo Courtesy
Here is the message as read from a screen shot
“So sato this ninja left 1824 bar in
langata akaamua alale kwa clande
Rongai, unknown to him, wife alikua
ashapata, detailed information akaamua
kijana afunzwe adabu. She went to mahali
alikua amepark gari and set it ablaze and
left, Hell no fury like a woman scorned,
Please team mafisi mpatieni rambirambi
zenu.” Read the Message
Men, you better keep your tracks covered if the
temptation of polygamy is looming.

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