PLEASE HELP ~ How Do I Trap Him So That He May Marry Me?

I am 27-year-old and a mother of one. I broke up with my better half of three years after interminable battering while we lived in Kisumu.

I moved to Nairobi along Thika Road in Ruiru and begun a cantina. I swore never to love again however I bumped on this 32-year-old lone ranger who treats me well that I am stricken yet he is unwilling to wed me yet he has no girlfriend.
He is so perfect and great in overnight affairs. When I try to persuade him to “spit” in when I am in my safe days, he denies. He claims to love me. How would I trap him so that he may marry me?

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"PLEASE HELP ~ How Do I Trap Him So That He May Marry Me?" by @wakenyanews

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