Police Arrest A Man In Nairobi Wearing a Police Beret

Poet Steve Biko, G-cho Pevu

Security has become a major concern in the Kenyan nation as of late. This follows after many attacks have been happening within Kenya’s capital and as well in the outskirts of Nairobi. To take measures and precautions,police are always vigilant and as well, all Kenyans have so far been advises by the government to be vigilant of any suspicions around their residential homes.

Popularly known Writer Steve Biko, usually known as G-cho Pevu, was on Friday captured in the downtown area by police for wearing his trademark dark beret.

The 2 Cops hailed him close Kencom and started addressing him on why he was in control of an “official police beret”. The writer continued to clarify that the beret had no seal and was purchased at a shop offering second-hand garments.

“I was heading to Kencom when all of a sudden two AP officers halted me and began addressing me on my cap. I let them know hii mwanzo nimenunuwa mtush and you can discover large portions of them being sold and it doesn’t have an insignia.


“They would not like to hear my clarification and let me know they will have
to take me in. Realizing that I am not on the wrong side I obliged,” G-cho Pevu said. The AP officers rather packaged him into a watch auto and drove around town with him.

The poet took to Twitter to portray his dilemma. His tweet was immediately imparted on online networking to a hashtag being made #releaseGchopevuPoet.

The police later discharged him following two hours, however declined to give him back his beret.

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