Police Imposter Joshua Waiganjo to Vie for MP Seat in 2017


Public figure Police Imposter Joshua Waiganjo has pronounced that he will compete for the Njoro parliamentary seat in the coming general elections.

Despite the fact that he is serving a five-year prison term after he was found

liable by a Naivasha court of mimicking a right hand magistrate of police, Waiganjo , who took on the appearance of a senior cop for a long time without identification, has radiated certainty that he will remove the occupant Mr Joseph Kiuna and be the following Njoro Member of Parliament.

“My being in court is not an obstacle by any means,” he expressed certainly in an elite meeting at the Nakuru Law Courts on Monday where he had gone for knowing about his case.

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He went further to express that his marked picture would not remain in the method for his political aspirations, expressing that about every conspicuous pioneer in the nation have confronted genuine accusations or have served correctional facility terms.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta and his agent William Ruto were confronting genuine violations against mankind at The Hague when we chose them,” he expressed.

Waiganjo, serving his 6th month of the five-year term, was busted in 2013.

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