Police Recover Sh4m/ $40000 From a Con Witchdoctor

Police in Kisumu are searching for a conman who has been taking on the appearance of a ritualist equipped for turning individuals’ fortunes and recuperated Sh4 million.

The suspect who got away from the police trawl is said to have vanished with the Sh1 million. A witness, Hussein Isaac, who was in the compound around then said that the police came in at 3pm.

There was one customer in the ritualist’s room at the time, he said.
β€œI was awakened by commotion when police stormed the house. It was at this point that the owner of the house escaped and I was left confused,” said Mr Isaac.
The victim, Robert Otieno, had been asked by the ritualist to deliver Sh5 million in cash, which he was to give the witch-doctor at a posh house in Tom Mboya Estate.

Mr Otieno, a former banker who has numerous and countless problems, had sold his parcel of land at Kanyakwar at Sh6 million to raise the amount demanded by the witchdoctor who promised to terminate his troubles.
β€œIt had not hit me that I was being robbed. What was in my mind was that I was being prayed for because I have a myriad of problems,” said Otieno.

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