Policemen To Undergo Mental Checkup, Says Assistant IG of Police

Lagos police to undergo mental checkup

In most African countries, there has been a cry of grief over how police handle the citizens. This is because many of the citizens complain about harassments, brutal beatings, corrupt police and many more.

A request has been given by the Assistant Inspector General of Police accountable for Zone 2 Summon, Onikan, Lagos , AIG Abdulmajid Ali, that mental test be done on policemen in the summon. He likewise coordinated that all faculty of the order be tried for intoxication keeping in mind the end goal to “evade any inadvertent release or extra judicial executing.”

Passing on the message in an announcement on Thursday, August 18, the Zone 2 Summon representative, Muyiwa Adejobi said the Order head gave the order while talking amid a recently presented educative session for officers and men of the zonal summon at Onikan, Lagos.

As indicated by Adejobi, the session was gone for granting into the police staff, standards of present day policing and infusing learning and perusing society towards having individuals situated policemen.

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This is how the statement that was given out read, have a look at it below:-

The police boss reiterated his zero tolerance for corruption, excessive use of force, dirtiness, incivility to the public, drunkenness and unethical conducts that can damage the image of the Nigeria Police Force.

He seized the opportunity to challenge policemen to read and imbibe the spirit of love to all and sundry they come in contact with.

The AIG mandated the police medical unit to carry out drunkenness and mental test on men (particularly those on operations) of the command to avoid any accidental discharge of extra judicial killings.

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