Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi NYS Scandal Exposed Further

Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi NYS Scandal

Popular East African Political Analyst Mr. Mutahi Ngunyi got himself in hot soup recently following the exposure of his involvement in the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal of the lump sum amount of money that was stolen by some big fish in the Kenyan Nation.

The group meeting additionally gave political intellectual and analyst Mr.Mutahi Ngunyi a comparable final offer for the discount of sh11.8 million paid to his firm The Law firm without any proving or evidence like an invoice or a receipt. Mr Ngunyi had two weeks back conceded that his firm was paid the walloping sum by NYS without having sent a receipt or invoice for that case.

In a letter to Devolution Secretary Sicily Kariuki, Mr Ngunyi said his firm was prepared to discount the administration the Sh11,875,000 “pernicious installment” inside 15 days.

The youth committee is currently demanding that Mr Ngunyi to likewise make open receipts of the matter, solicitations for all the cash amounts he got from the NYS scandal.
NYC Chairman Engineer Mr. Dishon Atemo said they will move to court at the end of the final proposal ultimatum and assemble numerous young people for a countrywide demonstration following the case.

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