Popular Female Celebrity Trapped In a Closet Of Drug Abuse Saga – YOU WONT BELIEVE WHOM SHE IS, SEE PHOTOS Here

Tanzanian Singer Esterlina Sanga aka Linah now under siege over Drug Abuse Scsndals.

It always sounds unusual and probably some kind of disturbing news whenever one hears of a celebrity or a public figure involved in some scandals/ saga that may cause some gossip and kind of rumours relating to them.

But guess what, some of these things are usually unstoppable because no one has the right to cease them from doing so. All in all, let’s not put the blame on that line because or as it is always said, “no one in the world is perfect”, true or false…?

Tanzanian vocalist Esterlina Sanga, prominently known as Linah, has wound up at the focal point of debate after she was supposedly spotted smoking cigarette and mishandling drugs. This has caused a stir on her from her fans and other
speculators who keep watching on the entertainment showbiz platform.

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When wakenya went to interrogate a close pal of her, this is what she had to say:-
“Linah is my close friend, but it hurts me to learn that she has adopted the habit of cigarette-smoking. There is someone who told me about Linah’s newly acquired habit, but I did not believe him.
But recently, I came across photos showing her smoking cigarette with unmatched adeptness. Worst of all, I am told she also abuses drugs”, she said.

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“I would tolerate cigarette-smoking from her, but hard drugs, it is a big no. She’d be working toward bringing her lucrative career down. She should audit her friends,” stated the anonymous source.


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