Talks On Power Sharing Likely To Derail Peace Memorandum, Says Yakani

Concentrating on government power partaking in the renewal discussion may wreck the peace process, a civil society organization has said. The discussion was proposed amid an IGAD heads of states summit in June to talk about approaches to restore the implementation of the August 2015 peace agreement deal.
The summit chose that the meeting will incorporate every one of the groups to talk about solid measures to reestablish perpetual truce. Early this month, IGAD issued a calendar for the renewal group to begin counsels with South Sudanese leaders and the residents.

The Executive Director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, Edmond Yakani, said the procedure is implied to assess and confirm holes in the peace assention and agreement deal.
Below is a statement by Yakani, have a look at it;-
“The revitalization means that we are going to re-engage and/restore the commitment for peaceful and stable South Sudan. We are going to evaluate the past period as a revitalization principle and ratify the gaps that were identified as a revitalization process.
This attitude of competition over power; that everything is much/centered on what share can I get from the power without looking/into the ultimate interest of the nation which is peace and stability, it makes no difference.” He emphasized.

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"Talks On Power Sharing Likely To Derail Peace Memorandum, Says Yakani" by @wakenyanews

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