Prof. Jay To Sensitize on Effects of Drugs Abuse Through Music

Joseph Haule, MP of Mikumi
constituency Tanzania

Popular Bongo star Professor Jay, who is currently a Member of Parliament in Tanzania as well, has decided to speak to the morally lost youths in Tanzania through musical phrasing. He said that he opted for this as this would be easily sensitized in them on the effects of drug abuse among other non society morals.

Prior on, police attacked the locale trying to take out culprits and clean the territory from medication related misuse that have been accounted for every now and again. Be that as it may, those captured asserted not having steady employments; drove them to such a way of life.

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“We chose to shoot the video at Uwanja wa Fisi to give hopes to the Manzese residents, so that they can stop their immoral practices and start viewing life differently because there is a day life will be good” Prof Jay added.

The rapper is accounted for to team up with a performance Artist, Sholo Mwamba, who performs in the locale, to bring rational soundness and give trusts to the young in the zone.

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