Radio And Weasel Issued Warrant Of Arrest By The Court

Moses Sekibogo aka Radio, and Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel

In most occasions, it is always rare to hear news relating celebrities with the government units e.g the police or the Judiciary having some sort of indifferences. However, at one point or the other, there’s what calls for their meeting for example, last week  Prezzo’s misconduct led to these.

In today’s freshest celebrity vibes, The Chief Magistrate’s Court has guided the Police to capture Moses Sekibogo aka name Radio, and Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel over slander affirmations by music promoter Jeff Kiwanuka.

On Friday, Principal Magistrate Grade One, Juliet Nakitende passed the request against the twosome to constrain Police to deliver them some time recently court to answer slander affirmations by music promoter Jeff Kiwanuka after Jeff’s legal counselors solicited court to issue the warrant from capture against the twosome for resisting court summons.


Jeff Kiwanuka blames the couple for criticizing him through a video posted on their Facebook pages on June 3, 2016. Kiwanuka fights that the video makes a feeling that he is a custom killer who was either connected with or is the guilty party in the homicide of six-year-old kid, Joel Ogema.

In her decision, Nakitende said the legal advisor speaking to the suspects;
John Bosco Mudde did not detail to the court when the pair will return from Kenya. Early this week, Mudde advised court that the team went to Kenya for a coke studio rivalry.

Indeed, Radio and Weasel have not yet come up to issue an announcement on the above matter.

In any case, we will update you as often as possible!

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