Raila’s 2017 game plan

Raila’s 2017 game plan
Rope pioneer Raila Odinga has in
the previous two weeks dispatcheintuitive computerized battle
stages, denoting the early
phases of a blueprint that incorporates

getting his supporters out to
enroll as voters and convincing
his accomplices in the restriction
coalition to bolster his
presidential candidature one more

time in 2017.

Despite the fact that the two occasions to dispatch
his own site two weeks
prior and a cell telephone SMS

number last Thursday were kept

moderately serene, they give the
clearest sign yet that Mr
Odinga is not taking any risks
in his quest for what some
investigators accept may be his last

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shot at the administration.

At the Thursday night occasion, Mr
Odinga made his expectations clear

when he released the individuals who

contend he is excessively old, making it impossible to keep running for the


“There is nothing in my age that
can prevent me from performing the

elements of the Head of State
given an opportunity,” he said.

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