Reasons people dislike your relationship. [RELATIONSHIP FACTS]

Relationships are great when you’re deeply in love. But we all know what it’s like, though, to see those couples that we absolutely can’t stand. You love the two of them separately, but when they’re together you can’t deal with them. They act as though the two of them are the most special human beings on earth.

Here are some ways you can tell if you are that couple everyone else hates…

You wear matching clothes

It’s super gross when couples match, even if you all do it subconsciously. But even if it does happen on accident, one of you should change for the sake of everyone else. Just don’t match. It’s mysteriously weird.

You text each other while in the same room

You’re sitting next to each other. Texting. Why?! Everyone can see that you’re Whatsapping each other. Stop it.. That’s high school behavior

You talk in inside jokes

No one understands what you’re always laughing about because you and your partner talk strictly in inside jokes. Sorry we don’t think your inside jokes are funny, but we have no idea what you’re talking about. Do that sh*t when you are just the two of you

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You have grossly cute nicknames for each other

Babe, baby, sweetie…those are fine. Cutie pie, googley-bear, etc are not. Gross nicknames make everyone else want to vom.

You use baby voices in public

You talk in that high-pitched baby voice to each other all the time. We don’t care if you do that in private, but no one wants to hear you squealing as a couple.

You’ve become a “We”

There is no way to see this couple apart. You are strictly a “we” and you do everything together. If you invite one, it really means both of you will show up. If I tell one a secret, I’ve automatically told the other. Not cool at all. You were born alone. There’s no need to pair up with your lover in everything you do. People will hate

PDA — All the time

A little PDA is fine. You can give a peck and hold hands, that’s acceptable. But you’re “that hated couple” couple if you’re always making out in public. You don’t need to kiss in between every bite of your chicken piece at KFC or make out against your car at an event to prove you are in love.


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