These Are The Reasons Why Raila Odinga Will Win 2017 Elections

NASA Presidential Aspirant Raila Odinga in Kiambu County

As I would like to put this point straight and clarify to the majority who did not know what is awaiting the citizens of Kenya, the fact is very simple as simplified here, NASA will form the next government. Jubilee supporters will give you many reasons with respect to why Uhuruto will hold the government. They will resound what William said on television, or what Dennis Itumbi posted on facebook. Be that as it may, is that true, or only just an illusion?
Will SGR, roads, free maternity and such other said accomplishments exceed the numerous disappointments of this current regime of government?
When we foresee to treat voters as was in the early days or past of autonomy, we lose.

Keep in mind, there is a sufficiently major populace of taught or if nothing else educated voters in this era, not like before. Passing by the stand taken against burden of politicians by the supposed kingpins, it sends a reasonable message that circumstances are different. All of a sudden, the require a six piece suit hosts has been swallowed as parties look for audience with insightful people. This is year 2017 people.
Jubilee guard back home is touched off and prepared to withdraw. There is nothing at all to pull in more votes into Jubilee over what they got in 2013. On the opposite side, there is each explanation behind NASA to procure enormous from Jubilee supporters and dissidents.
As we speak now, Jubilee strongholds have become swing counties. Meru and South Rift for that matter are just but examples of these scenarios. It is
getting trickier as days go by. What keeps Raila smiling is that NASA zones are 100% locked “ndaaani ndani”. Of Course the numerous visits by Jubilee to
Western will earn them a few votes of say 3-5% at most which is incomparable with the leakages in their own zones.
And this is why you should be prepared for a Raila presidency.
First, when you talk about the mass or massive amounts of unemployment, it touches squarely on a niche that cannot be swayed by rhetoric. These are the educated lot who have bore the brunt of corruption in government hiring. That one has to know someone who knows someone to get a job is sickening, sucking and aching like stomach ulcers.
For the very first time since independence, graduates have had to raise job-seeking placards (boards on streets) in search of jobs. We shall not mention those that have committed suicide, got into crime and those that have lost hope.
Government employees have known not a better way to serve their country with dignity. Trade unions have been turned into arsenals to squeeze out what ought to freely drip out of a people’s government. Our children have had to stay out of school as teachers agitated for their right, so did others die during doctors and nurses strike.
Lecturers too had to down their tools in order to be heard. At least they have a union. Those of us left out to fight on our own need not flinch. There is only one union that brings us together after every five years: the union of Kenyan citizens in the ballot.
That the ministry of Health acquired containers at 10 million each is another reason. That extra judicial killings rest in peace with the departed never to be heard again, is another reason. That compensating IDPs had to wait for elections to be used as bait, should get you voting for NASA.
We cannot exhaust how the government has failed the people of our dear country. And if we commit to dancing to the tunes of a few beneficiaries of the state, then we are deserving of bad governance. The good thing is, this time, it is not about moving masses;
today’s mass is immovable. Thank me later.
Every sector of the economy have had their fair share. Going by the numbers, if for sure there will be a swap between Jubilee and NASA supporters with NASA benefitting more, one thing is evident: Be prepared for a Raila Presidency.

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