REVEALED: The Truth About Mungiki Presence In PEV 2017 In Nairobi

Mungiki attacks 2017 elections
The police have termed claims that Mungiki goons assaulted residents of Dandora and Mathare slums of Nairobi, false and risky.
A few people had raised an alert on Sunday night after text messages, pictures and online live posts showed that the prohibited Mungiki individuals were assaulting occupants in specific parts of the city while in police uniforms.
Nairobi County Police Commander Mr. Japheth Koome asked Kenyans to ignore such claims, saying that such accusations could cause unrest, incite and induce Kenyans.
“The only people who were on patrol at night were the police and since we have heightened security in all estates in the city, we had very few incidents of crime,” Japheth Koome said.

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Commander Koome said the main individuals on watch during the evening are police, that few individuals have been arrested and others are being looked for on matters of spreading ‘fake news’.
The police Boss said they were looking for a banker who is suspected to have circulated videos affirming of armed Mungiki individuals in police garbs.
In a post on Facebook, the banker had said that individuals from the outlawed sect were attacking homes, assaulting ladies via rape and killing innocent individuals on those areas of NASA supporters.

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