RICH SUGAR MAMA: I am Looking For a guy To Be My Love & Dating Partner. »WHATSAPP ME«


Hello all the fans of this lovely and attractive website. Am so happy that I found somewhere my opinions can get posted after contacting the Admin.
I am called Lavender (some call me Lav) and am a half of an American mum to an African dad. I am 27 years old, just celebrated my birthday in February. First of all, let me start by saying that I am single, and I have been single since 2013 to date; that is like four years now. It has been a hard way for me to carry on but not my wish, its because I have always been busy with jobs, as well as I have never found a man who is interested and serious because most of them I find are shy and I don’t know why.
Personally, I am financially stable, and I work with World Bank and doing personal businesses as well. I like having fun, going out and traveling to new places; some of my main interests. I am looking for a guy/man between 19-38yrs for love, fun, and company. I am ready to spend on him, travel with him and have fun with him. I don’t mind whether he is poor because money is not a problem to me.
The man should be a presentable guy, nice looking and fun loving. I am ready to finance him. Remember, HIV blood test is a must so that we may live a good life for now and henceforth.
Feel free to contact me below, I am always active and online

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"RICH SUGAR MAMA: I am Looking For a guy To Be My Love & Dating Partner. »WHATSAPP ME«" by @wakenyanews

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