Rodgers Lagat From Nandi County Jailed For 5 years After Stealing Food


Cases of theft are among the worst one could ever find himself or herself in, in the society. In fact I may generalize by saying that theft or robbery in not allowed all over the world. This is because one can easily be killed by a mob, or even shot dead or as well jailed for life or a number of years.

Lagat, a 17-year-old boy who chose to help himself with a few rich feast made of two kilograms of meat and rice from a relative’s inn and left with the bottle possibly for tea on September 2, 2013 will now pay for it with five years in prison with no fine.

Science done by the court shows that the nourishment in addition to the bottle would cost small Sh1,750. The demonstration of taking did not satisfy the justice and in this way the judge who chose that the minor ought to have some time in the colds as a discipline. Rodgers Lagat softened into his relative’s inn up Chebarbar region, Nandi District and he conceded conferring the offense.


He was however contrite and requested that the court excuse him yet Justice Kanyi Kimondo couldn’t be moved by the requests. The judge found that the offense pulled in seven years and accordingly the lower court appropriately sentenced the young fellow. Lagat was accused of submitting lawful offense.

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"Rodgers Lagat From Nandi County Jailed For 5 years After Stealing Food" by @wakenyanews

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