Rose Muhando Arrested By Police Over Fraud

Being a public figure is a very sensitive area of identity. Besides all, this can either be advantageous or disadvantageous to ones line of duty or profession hence good moral virtues need to be the sole traits to have on your fingertips. Police in Tanzania on Sunday, June 4, captured the nation’s top gospel artist Rose Muhando on doubt of extortion/ fraud.

Rose Muhando Arrested By Police
Gospel Singer Rose Muhando

Affirming Rose Muhando’s capture, Singida police boss, Debora Mligimba, said the vocalist was captured at her home in Ikungi zone after AICT Singida Church documented a protest with specialists, asserting Rose Muhando had declined to pay them cash that she owed the congregation/ church.
It is asserted that on November 3, 2016, Rose Muhando got Tsh800, 000 (Ksh37, 000) from the Executive of AICT Singida Church choir, Mashala Japhet, after Ms Muhando purportedly acknowledged to effortlessness the dispatch of the choir’s collection, however she didn’t turn up.
The police were informed that Ms Muhando got an extra Tsh150, 000 (Ksh6, 900) as transport toll, implied for Dodoma to Singida travel, yet at the same time she didn’t turn up for the collection dispatch.
As per Singida police boss, Debora Mligimba, the AICT Church Choir collection dispatch was to happen on November 13, 2016 at 2pm at the Namfua Singida stadium.
On the arranged date, Ms Muhando was spotted at another venue– Kahama – where she was serving, AICT Singida Church said.

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