See Pastor Victor Kanyari’s Mansion House That Is Trending On The Internet, UNBELIEVABLE – PHOTOS

Pastor Victor Kanyari

Mr Kanyari was caught on tape honing individuals to offer false confirmations and utilizing potassium permanganate to make illusions of wonders being performed on enthusiasts.

He likewise conceded that it wasn’t right to have faked telephone calls amid a recording of a radio appear, expressing: “It was not a live recording. We did that to support individuals to call with the goal that they can get their supplication. I am only a person who commits errors like some other individual.”

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Mr Kanyari is the child of disfavored self-broadcasted prophetess Lucy Nduta, who was imprisoned for a long time for misrepresentation after she was uncovered by the Wakenya for faking healings.

He demanded that God addresses him “ordinarily” as people would speak what’s more, his endowment of prediction is as “genuine” as the “supernatural occurrences” that he performs.

Below are some of the photos of Pastor Kanyari’s multimillion mansion house that is is trending on the internet. The mansion is in Ruai off Kangundo Road Nairobi. Amazing indeed:-

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