Just think of the benefits to your academic record and you future after all your time in school , as your parents hustle for your school fees, your pocket money, your security, your growth, and many many more other things in life.
If you got bad marks this semester and are scared to show your parents the results or are feeling shy in front of your friends, one of the students said this, “don’t worry buddy we have got you back! We are going to show you how you can actually manipulate your
marks in such a way that would make your parents and any person believe that you got a great GPA.”

He wrote this in his facebook timrline:
I didn’t study properly for 2 semesters because i was working on important projects of mine and i got a really bad GPA. That sucks right? So here is what i
did to hack college website and change grades.
I study at University and we have something called a student portal where we enter our username and password and are granted to access to see our grades.

Now select the grade you want to change and right
click on it. For example i wanted to change my Calculus, EET, Development Studies, and Project grade because i had failed in them So i
selected the E grades and right clicked.
A menu opens up. Then click on “Inspect Element”.
A box at the bottom like in the above image opens up. This is a part of inbuilt Mozilla Firefox Web developer pack. Don’t worry every browser has it inbuilt so you wont have to download it or anything.
Now click on the downward arrow thingy to open up the grade or marks whatever the fuck you are changing. After the grade appears double click on it and now you can edit your grade to anything. After editing click on the screen somewhere to show the result on the actual screen. I choose an A and similarly changed my marks to 80.
Then after changing my grades according to my needs i took my laptop with this screen open to show my mom my marks. Their done! Hopefully i’ll study hard next time
Just a tip : You can also take a screenshot and email
or whatsapp this image to you parents.
Your portal may be a little different than mine. Don’t give up hope and read the above article carefully and take all the things that you have learned above and apply it using your creative and brainy mind. Remember
“You can have anything you want in life,
you must be willing to conquer the

We as wakenya would advise students to study well, attend lectures, revise well and for sure they’ll pass the assessment and examinations easily even without copying or so. Good luck to you all.

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