SHOCKING: KTN Names RAILA ODINGA as Kenya’s President


Gachiri writes, “For more than 15 minutes, a national TV station saw no need to correctly state, who is Kenya’s Head of State.
From the start of the live newscast, a grossly misleading on screen graphic, was prominently displayed. The apology came much later, and its delivery was even more shocking.”
He continues to say, “In the first instance, did the error completely elude the attention of the entire production and editorial crew involved in preparing this particular broadcast? And if one or more people noticed it, was there no way of raising the alert promptly?”
“And that is why in my books, the apology is not acceptable! (it’s also negating the viewer’s intelligence by saying the error was a typo: ‘Raila’ and ‘Rais’ are at most distant cousins lexicographically).”

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Popular Journalist Albert Gachiri wrote written a blog post with the title
APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED! THE ON AIR ERROR AND THE NAIVETY TERROR,” where he pulled attention a recent incident where KTN referred to former Prime
Minister Raila Odinga as the current President of Kenya.
For more than 15 minutes, the typing error was not resolved, nevertheless, an apology later could not explain why.

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