SHOCKING NEWS!! Five Men Killed For Being Bald In Mozambique

Ponders shall never cease in the beautiful and wonderful African continent. New superstitious conviction has risen in a few territories of Mozambique – that bald men have gold in their brains. Yes! You read it right, so in case you’re there feeling that going bare is stylish then my sibling you better reconsider.
Men Killed In Mozambique For Being Bald head

Some place in Mozambique bare heads are being cleaved off and taken to witch specialists who at that point utilizes their supernatural forces to remove the gold and make them rich.
All things considered, as foul as it sounds, police say five bald men have been executed in focal Mozambique – two in May in Milange region, near the outskirt with Malawi, and three this month in Morrumbola region. Two youngsters have so far been captured over the killings.
This is a subject that has since brought about a mayhem via social media. Here are a portion of the remarks;
bald men killed in Mozambique
Five Men Killed In Mozambique For Being Bald

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"SHOCKING NEWS!! Five Men Killed For Being Bald In Mozambique" by @wakenyanews

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