SHOCKING!! Ruto Escapes Death Narrowly


Most of us have been left in shock about the news doing around about Mr. Ruto. Anyway, as of late, there have been numerous reports about accidents, aeroplanes crashing down and many more.
A helicopter carrying Bomet Governor Mr. Isaac Ruto made an emergency landing on southern detour after the pilot maintained a strategic distance from Wilson Air terminal due to poor perceivability created by rain downpours.

It arrived on Sunday at around 6pm on an open field by the interstate. On board the Eurocopta AS350 was Isaac Ruto, his bodyguard and the pilot.

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The pilot, who asked for obscurity, said he had attempted to figure out how to land at the air terminal — a hour after take off — however it was not unmistakable “needed to make a careful decision and locate an option field”.

He said it was a “peaceful landing”.


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"SHOCKING!! Ruto Escapes Death Narrowly" by @wakenyanews

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