SHOCKING: This is Where Blogger Njoki Chege Lives – You Won’t Believe

Permit me to remind you the last point we secured about Njoki Chege,the naked photograph taking sister assault. Well,y’all know this lady is paid to be an authenticity or rather a commentator for absence of a superior word. In spite of all the positive vitality we have around,Njoki’ eyes just see the negative!!! Continuously. She ought to try and embrace a trudge line “All Critics,All Negativity,All the Time.”

Somebody help me to remember an article Njoki composed on her Every day Country section saluting or in recognition of anything. None in my memory. Everything i can review is the assault on Kathy Kiuna (she merited it at any rate), Rich child of Instagram, ladies who wear wigs, Sheesha-smoking ladies, fat and undefined ladies motivation behind why their men undermine and the rehashed assault on our South B and Zimmerman Subaru proprietors.

From the latter,anyone would anticipate that Njoki Chege will be living in some costly Nairobi rural areas some living arrangement where Subaru proprietors can’t bear the cost of some place like Kitsuru, Lavington, Runda or wherever near that,but that is not the situation.

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Njoki Chege utilizes Thika Street while going home, a roadway which Subaru’s overwhelm. Njoki stays in Greenery enclosure Domain which is effortlessly open through Thika Street,” asserted DAILY NATION & STANDARD NEWS in a late article. I wont be astounded to observe Njoki Chege holding up to be served “Mutura” at King’ori’s joint pale Zimmerman.
In actuality the reporter lives with the same individuals she barks at any rate owning boisterous Subaru’s,as Wakenya unveils. “With her contempt for Subarus, you would expect Njoki Chege to be Vera Sidika’s neighbor following Kitisuru’s streets are spotted with top of the line SUVs, Mercedes and other expensive European-made vehicles.

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"SHOCKING: This is Where Blogger Njoki Chege Lives – You Won’t Believe" by @wakenyanews

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