10 Signs He Is Not Interested In You

So you met this person, he appears to be adequate, he scores high on your date-capacity scorecard and you can’t hold up to take things to the next level, however he is by all accounts keeping down somehow.
how to know he's not interested in you

You are presently pondering what could not be right on the grounds that while he acts furthermore, talks all decent, he keeps it easygoing yet you need to quit fooling around with him.
I would rather not state it, however the issue could be that he is not quite recently that into you, and here is the means by which to discover:
1.) Not keen on introducing you to his friends
2.) Only calls when he is bored
3.) Hesitant about being seen together in public
4.) Needs you to come over for a few minutes
5.) He does not designate some time for you
6.) He does not call you to know how you doing
7.) He’s always on his phone when you’re together
8.) He has time for his friends more than you
9.) He does not sort any of your bills even for the sake
10.) He doesn’t text you yet subscribes to more than 200 SMS’s on daily basis and finishes them by noon.

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"10 Signs He Is Not Interested In You" by @wakenyanews

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