Signs that tell she is desperate

Signs that tell she is desperate
You do not have to be cheated on for you to feel
like you are the last thing that your partner is thinking about.
You can be in the same room with someone but they do not
even notice you, no matter what you do. You play second
fiddle to everything and everyone else that is going on with
Do you stay or do you leave? Are they worth it? Is it worth
it? I did not even remember this story up until I typed the last
sentence. I have an acquaintance, I m not going to call her
friend because that would be using the term loosely. It is the
three of us, me, her and another ‘acquaintance’. I had warned
these two acquaintances about the men that they were about
to have an association with but I became the evil person so I
let it be. I meet with her this weekend and she starts flooding
me with her tales of that last time we were together. We
were meeting up for drinks and they were also meeting their
beaus, so I did not even stay for long but boy did their men
have a surprise for them. They brought a long with them two
friends; of the female kind nonetheless.
I do not know if it was one for each of the men because they
left with those two ladies after they gave one fare to take
herself home while they dropped the other one off at her
house. The men had a fun night out with these ladies at a
certain popular strip club on Baricho road while their
girlfriends were at home sleeping. Ask me if I was sorrowful
and berating men along with her while she told me her tales
of woe! Nope! I was rolling on the ground and laughing so
hard… in my head though! You should have seen my face, it
was looking all composed but I did not commiserate because I
had warned them. You cannot see a dog and say it is cat then
be angry because it is behaving like the dog it is. Not all men
are bad, just keep ignoring the good ones and choosing the
ones that want to drag you in the mud, I will keep laughing
and she knows me, I was laughing!
I deviate though…
Being the third wheel. It is so funny how someone does not
have to mess on you literally by taking their pants off. These
men brought WITH THEM two more women, paid more
attention to them and even brought them drinks like
something that was intimate. Told you to go home so that
they can continue ENJOYING themselves with them! How?
This is when someone can tell if you have some sense of self
respect and worth. Really? Is there that much shortage of
At times it does not have to be the opposite sex, at times you
have to give yourself pause before making a rush decision.
You can be third wheel to someone’s job, work, or career.
They are so busy that even when they are with you, the
conversation may just end up with them talking about how
much more fulfilling their work is as compared to a
relationship with you. It is at that point you ask, ‘is this what
they mean by getting a hardworking spouse?’ Should I leave
or should I stay? Someone being dedicated to their work is
not a bad thing but it is a matter of balancing and knowing
when they are with you, they should be showing you some
respect as their partner.
You can be a third wheel when you are with their family. The
problem with tribe or difference in culture is barely about
understanding your partner and it. Have you ever felt as
disrespected as when after the preliminary greetings, they
switch and start talking in a tongue/ language you do not
understand? Then not for two minutes but after you were
greeted, they forgot about you and it was mother tongue
the whole time you were there. That is third wheel when
family is involved. They make plans and do not consult you.
They take sidebars while you are left holding a glass of juice
at some corner seat. You even wonder if your partner
remembers you are there. This one may not be a relationship
sticking around for because family is strong and if your
partner has no way of knowing there place when you are
around, walk away. You are uncomfortable now, wait until
you two are hitched.

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