Top 5 Similarities Between Joseph Nkaissery and George Saitoti

The late Joseph Nkaissery and Prof. George Saitoti.

While his end might be taken as the passing of yet another compelling pioneer, dug into the issue, contrasting his life and that of former Interior Security Minister Prof George Saitoti.
The two had intriguing certainties about their lives being regarded seniors and bosses of the Maasai Community. A portion of the parts of their lives incorporate;

1. They both Served in the Ministry of Security
Prof George Saitoti and Joseph Nkaissery persistently served in the powerful Ministry of security up to the time of their demise.
2. Both Passed on aged 67
At the time of their death, the two leaders were 67 years of age and were moving toward their 68th birthday celebration.
3. Unexpected deaths
Despite the fact that they kicked the bucket under various conditions, their passings came out of the blue since none of them had been hospitalized or had any known life-debilitating conditions.
Saitoti died in a plane mischance on June 10, 2012 on his way to a pledge drive in Homabay getting the country unsuspecting.
Nkaissery’s demise was similarly an astonishment to numerous who had interfaced with him only a couple of hours before passing on. The CS was available at a petition prayer meeting held at Uhuru park on Friday and gave off an impression of being in idealize perfect health
4. Both passed on before the elections
Nkaissery kicked the bucket only 30 days to the August elections while George Saitoti passed on nine months to the elections when political coalitions were being formed in readiness for the 2013 general elections.
5. They were leaders of the Maasai Community
Preceding the passings, the two had been introduced as Maasai older folks and were entrusted with giving the community bearings on key issues including legislative issues. They both served in as Members of parliament from Kajiado County.

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