Singer Ali Kiba Beaten, Almost Killed In South Africa

Ali Kiba attacked by Thugs/ Robbers In South Africa

So sad indeed!! This is not the first run through outside artistes are victimized in South Africa.

Tanzania’s top vocalists Ali Kiba and Barakah Da King were assaulted and burglarized in South Africa by an outfitted gang of thugs that involved six individuals on Thursday morning 21st July 2016.

The twosome had traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa Wednesday morning for video shoot and different business operations.
In any interrogation by Wakenya, Ali Kiba said this, “We had just arrived in South Africa yesterday (Friday) evening, so we stopped at a traffic light, next thing, they crossed us and two of them came out with guns and they used their guns to smash our glass windows.”
The robbers stole from them money, expensive watches, jewelry and passports.
Ali Kiba’s companion Kamal also added by saying this, “They took my bag pack, I had USD45,000 and David had USD60, 000. We were also with the CEO of Mcomm Solution Chidi Okeke who also had USD80, 000 on him,”.

“Thank God for my life. If it were not for him, it would have been a different story,” Davido tweeted, adding: “My daughter’s face was flashing through my eyes the whole time.”


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