Meet Singer Bahati Kevin Now Grown Up Children – EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

mseto campus tour 2017 mku
Singer Bahati in MKU Mseto Campus Tour 2016 November.

Among all Kenyan based Urban music artists in the Gospel genre, Singer Bahati is the most loved artist if I may say especially by the age group of 13-27 years. As his name says”Bahati” meaning Luck, it is really what he has been brought up through especially in the showbiz industry.

In the event that there was any motivation to question the thoughtfulness and great hearted nature of gospel music sensation Singer Bahati, his most recent disclosure will suppress it all. The various Awards winning star is presently a father of three.

At scarcely 22 years of age and a requesting profession you would be excused to believe that he had his hands full with the selection of his 5 year old child, Morgan Bahati, a year ago. The artist has now added to the family two little girls and given them any desire for a brilliant future. The young ladies who are distinguished as Rose and Purity are matured 5 and 11 years of age individually.
The gospel artist took to social media Facebook to make the disclosure that left his fans and adherents in complete wonderment and esteem.

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This is what he wrote, read below:-
“At times I try to be secretive but the Reason I do this is Because Someday some one helped me to make the Person I am… Meet My Two Adopted Daughters and Son… From Left; Morgan 5 yrs, Purity 5 yrs and Rose 11yrs Old… This are the Beautiful Souls that make me Wake up and Hustle each Day…. Each one of them has a Sad story than Mine. I may Not give them all they Want, But My Desire is to see them Prosper and Testify to the World about God’s goodness Someday . It’s Never Easy but I try to be the Best Parent they have Ever seen. Saaasa Ni Nani ananiombea Nipate Mama wakuwalea????”

Singer Bahati with His Children
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