Singer Choku is Back in The Music Industry, Find Out Where She Has Been.

Not at all like the greater part of her associates who appear to have sunk into a musical chasm never to be heard or seen again nearby performer Wambui Kimaru makes an arrival in the musical scene following three years in the harsh elements.

The female vocalist who started with Clemo of Calif Records as part of Calif Blessed messenger’s nearby Rat-a-tat and the late Lasy S is back with another single “Sigawi” created and recorded by BVB label.

“It was simply a question of time before I demonstrate my critics wrong by springing the astonishment when they slightest anticipated it.”

She added that, “The way that I have been quiet doesn’t imply that I was out. For me music is a long trip which requires satisfactory time and research keeping in mind the end goal to think of something of good quality that will be valued by numerous,” she told Wakenya.

As indicated by Singer cum Rapper Choku, her most recent hit track “Sigawi” is extraordinary what’s more..? Not the same as the tunes she has done in the later past among them Ndani and Utatabasamu just to name a couple.

“Expect more hit music tracks from Singer Choku”, as per how she concluded in our interview.

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"Singer Choku is Back in The Music Industry, Find Out Where She Has Been." by @wakenyanews

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