Singer Jaguar of ‘Kipepeo’ In Rehab

Singer Jaguar Kenya

Singer Jaguar Kenya is probably one of Kenya’s top musicians and top earning artisy in the music or entertainment industry of Kenya. It is reported thay Jaguar is paid an estimated amount of sh500,000 per show and this is a huge amount for most Kenyans. He has had very high paying deals (ksh18 million for 6 months work) from Safaricom, EABL and Unilever Kenya.

The famous artist who was delegated as a Director of National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) has been in the bleeding edge battling the bad habit.

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Nonetheless, it appears he may need to think his endeavors nearer to home after his dad was admitted to recovery as of late due to alcohol addiction. Singer Jaguar wrote a touching message however there could be promising end to present circumstances.

This is what Singer Jaguar wrote;
‘’Visited the Serenity spring center; A drug rehabilitation center in Nyeri where my Dad is currently undergoing rehabilitation due to alcohol addiction. It has been a long journey battling the addiction but I believe He is finally overcoming it.’’

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"Singer Jaguar of ‘Kipepeo’ In Rehab" by @wakenyanews

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