Singer Marya is Pregnant

Popular East African female singer Marya is finally pregnant. She had a difficult relationship affair and journey that has finally seen her ready to settle down. At some point in her affairs, she was accused by Mike Sonko’s daughter, Salma, of snatching her aunt’s husband and further breaking their bound marriage.

Her better half named Kevo then later on dismissed the news and even went ahead a and publicly declared that he had officially divorced Salma’s aunt and moved on with Marya.

The superbly hipped and curvilicious singer is now pregnant for her boyfriend Kevo and surprisingly, they look happy being together. According to our private journalists, it was found out that Kevo is a tycoon who runs his businesses mostly in Dubai.
This is what Kevo had to say on hearing his girlfriend is paged:-
“I was scared, nervous, surprised, but overall, very happy,” said the husband to singer Marya (Kevin).

Singer Marya Pregnant photos
Pregnant Singer Marya and Husband Kevo

On the other hand, singer Marya should definitely be prepared for a pretty busy 2017 as she is expecting to be a mother with numerous baby care responsibilities, as well as she has a number of music projects coming up and a reality TV show in which she is one of the lead stars. However, on one of the recent interviews on Wakenya FM, this is what she had to say:-
“I am not ready for motherhood but one thing for sure I know is, I will be a good mother and Kevin will be the best dad to our child.”

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