3. Can you cook and what’s your favorite food? – I do cook, I try and cook a lot. I’ve stopped eating out. I’m a chicken fanatic and I also love fish. I’m more of a meat kinda girl I don’t like starch that much.
Growing up I used to like ugali and milk, I never used to eat vegetables, just the way I can eat Chapati and chicken now. Back then I could eat ugali and milk every day.

4. What is your worst embarrassing moment? – One day I was walking in town dressed all in white and looking good. To me it was a good day. When I got around Loita Street, I don’t know why I didn’t see the pavement and I hit it and flew. I believe I did fly all the way in the middle of the road, cars had to stop. People started checking me out now for the wrong reason, it really ended badly.

5. Tell us about your style – I don’t think about it so much but I love my dresses. Once in a while I like to put on a dresses and look pretty and feel feminine but at the end of the day it’s how I feel that day.
I think I found myself natural haired by mistake. I used to be in braids all the time, so after I took them off I found this and it’s been like that for a while now. With things like hair and clothing especially for a woman it’s really what you are comfortable in.

6. How do you unwind? – Recently I have rekindled my love for reading. I don’t like to go out clubbing, to me it feels like you are overdressed out in the cold when you should just be in the house watching some TV. I like also to play musical instruments. I can play the guitar, piano and the keyboard. I played guitar in one of our song Milele.

7. How do juggle all this and what’s your advice to any young girls out there – You plan your time and work your plan. So far I’ve been able to use my legal knowledge for Elani .
It helps when there is three of you because you can delegate duties and you can help each other because sometimes it gets hard. I don’t think I would do it if I was a solo act. We do push each other sometimes because we are all over achievers.

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